Stanley Korshak

Stanley Korshak is proud of its legacy as an independent Dallas specialty emporium that pampers customers with lavish service and a selection of the best, highest quality merchandise in the world. Upholding this reputation is possible only with an exceptional staff — many of whom have been with the company for more than a decade — and the dedication of Crawford Brock, who bought the store in 2002 and has managed it since 1987.

Brock’s philosophy of excellence evolved from the late Stanley Marcus, the retail oracle who transformed Neiman Marcus from an obscure Dallas gem into an international fashion nameplate. Marcus personally schooled Brock for eight years, emphasizing customer service, obtaining the best merchandise, keeping up with the lifestyles of clients, and maintaining close relationships with vendors.

Stanley Korshak has earned plenty of accolades, including being named one of the 50 most influential men’s stores in America by Women’s Wear Daily, the esteemed bible of the fashion business. But it’s far more than a savvy men’s store purveying the finest suits, sportswear, shoes and furnishings. In all, Stanley Korshak covers 65,000 sq. ft. at the Crescent, a dramatic complex designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee inspired by classic Parisian and Georgian architecture.

Family owned and family run, Stanley Korshak is finely attuned to serving multiple generations. That’s partly because the three daughters of Crawford Brock and his wife, Janet, have been learning the business from the mail room on up. Leigh Brock Friend joined in 2007 and serves as PR manager; Laura Brock Chandler came on board in 2008 and is a men’s merchandising analyst; and Helen Brock, who graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Southern Methodist University in May, joined the Korshak team this spring after spending some time interning in NYC.

“I saw first-hand what my Dad did every day — what he had built — and felt so much pride for what he accomplished,” says Leigh. “It opened the door to a whole new world.” Amid the sumptuous furs, made-to-measure suits, stunning gowns, handpicked cosmetics and sparkling jewels that they are so proud to sell, what keeps them going is the knowledge that they are a family business here to serve you. When it comes to style, they have your back (and front). After all, customers are part of the Korshak family, too.

In case you were wondering, there really was a Stanley Korshak. He opened a namesake store in Chicago circa 1909 that grew to carry European luxury goods. The Chicago store closed in the early ’80s, and Dallas oil heiress Caroline Rose Hunt bought the rights to the name. She opened Stanley Korshak as a designer clothing store in the courtyard of shops at the Crescent Hotel in Dallas in 1986. Hunt hired Brock to manage it in 1987, and he has shepherded it since.