Oak Hall

Oak Hall opened its doors in downtown Memphis before the electric light bulb was invented, serving customers like Buffalo Bill in the late 1800s. Its philosophy of high quality and customer service has been passed down through generations, and today Oak Hall is one of the oldest family-owned stores in the country.

As the city center slowly moved east along Poplar Avenue, so did Oak Hall, stopping twice along the way, in 1966 at Perkins and in 1996 at Regalia in East Memphis. With 24,000 sq. ft. of men’s and women’s fashions now located at 6150 Poplar, Oak Hall remains dedicated to staying current and providing a personal, customized shopping experience. Their sales associates, buyers, customer service representatives and tailors are proud to assist you in finding the clothing that satisfies your specific tastes and needs and assure that it fits as it should.

Fashions have changed since they opened their doors in 1859, but their commitment to offering the highest quality apparel with uncompromising service has not.

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