Ask Forum: Fall 2013 Fashion Tips for Him

Q: I recently bought some dress shirts with French cuffs. On the inside part of each cuff, there are two cufflink holes, while on the outside part of the cuffs, just one. Why?
It’s to adjust the tightness of the sleeve, although not all makers offer this option. In any case, kudos to you for wearing French cuffs and cufflinks, adding a touch of class to your sartorial style. We hope you’re also trying bowties, pocket squares, tie clips and/or boutonnieres, all of which add personality to your executive look.

Q: Boxer shorts are not working under the new slim pants I’ve been buying. What type of underwear should I try?
We suggest trim boxer briefs in some of the new high-tech fabrics that are moisture wicking, antimicrobial and amazingly comfortable. Try them in fashion colors and patterns if you dare.

Q: I’ve noticed that my darker, harder-finish wool suits (even the expensive ones) tend to pick up shine after dry cleaning. Is there anything I can do about this? I’m tempted to go over the fabric with fine sandpaper but I worry I might make it worse.
Skip the sandpaper and cut back on the dry cleaning. If your suit gets soiled, spot cleaning is best; dry clean as infrequently as possible. Other tricks of the trade: buy some good cedar hangers and leave space between suits in your closet; rotate your wardrobe so that you don’t wear the same suit on consecutive days. Most importantly: update your wardrobe with a new suit or two every year or so. With today’s slimmer fits, what’s in your closet is likely to look somewhat dated.

Q: What’s the proper length for pants these days?
Definitely shorter than they used tobe, now that slimmer leg styles arepopular. While we don’t recommend showing your ankles (although young trendsetters are doing it!), we do suggest just a slight break to no break at the top of the shoe. Unfortunately, lots of guys are still wearing their pants with a big break or even a double break: we feel that excess fabric bunched up on slim pants is a bit unflattering.

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