Ask Forum: Spring 2013 Fashion Tips for Her

Q: There are many beautiful, lightweight scarves out there, but how can I wear them in the warmer months?
In the Northwest where it rarely gets too hot, you can pretty much use a scarf all year, especially a sheer style in airy cashmere or a cotton/cashmere blend. When it does get warmer, untie it and drape it over your shoulders as an easy wrap.

We’re also starting to see silk scarves come back as a fashion item, like Pucci. Look for them in the same geometric, striped or color blocked patterns popular in RTW styles. To get even more use out of your scarf collection, tie one up and wear it as a headband or style it on your handbag to accessorize.

Q: Color always plays an important role in my spring/summer wardrobe. Are there any particular color trends I should look for this season?
Beautiful blues! From azure to turquoise, there’s a shade out there that looks good on everyone! If you’re not comfortable with the boldness of blue, tone it down by popping one piece against an otherwise black-and-white outfit in strong graphic shapes – another huge trend this season.

A black and white wardrobe is perfect for unpredictable weather, since you can layer pieces easily and veer towards one shade depending on the rain or sun. Plus, owning a variety of black and white items means you don’t have to pack as much when you travel. Pair black and white separates together or opt for a monochromatic look, livening up each outfit with accessories.

Color blocking continues its reign on the runways, though stripes are bolder than in seasons past. Pay extra attention to where the stripes hit on your body and make sure your garments are tailored for a perfect fit. Or try three stripes of color on your shoes or bag: just as on-trend but much easier to pull off. The most important style advice of all: wear what makes you feel good!

Q: Last year my favorite designers all showed floral patterns on the runway. Which prints will be big in 2013?
Pixel and geometric prints are popular this season, though florals are certainly still happening, especially when layered with lace. Head-to-toe geometric prints are not for the faint of heart, but luckily they also work well in small doses and pair back beautifully to the black and white items in your wardrobe.

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