Ask Forum: Spring 2013 Fashion Tips for Him

Q: After years of struggling with contact lenses, I’m seeing guys wear some very cool glasses. Should I switch over?
Absolutely! Whether or not you need glasses, eyewear is a hot accessory this season. We like bigger frames in black or tortoise for a pseudo-intellectual look, vintage styles with a modern twist, or a touch of color on the temple. Check out our great selection of optical-quality reading glasses that can readily accommodate almost any prescription.

Q: Watching the new James Bond movie, I realized that all my suits are out of date. What’s up with this skinny look? Can I wear it if I’m not skinny?
In fact, the men’s clothing industry has been pushing a slimmer model for several years now, but it took a hit movie and Daniel Craig to finally get the message across! Yes, today’s suits are narrower in the shoulder, chest and leg. The coat sleeves and flat-front pants are slightly shorter and the overall effect is much more youthful. Our suggestion: try one or two suits in this updated model (we have options at many prices) before you replenish your wardrobe. You might also want a few slimmer-cut shirts and narrower ties (about three inches; the ones in your closet are likely three and three-quarters) to complement the trimmer-fit suits.

Q: I read a study that said the first thing women notice on men is their shoes. So what shoes should I be wearing this spring?
Shoes run the gamut from bright athletic styles to cool wingtips to suede lace-ups to dress/casual hybrids that combine luxury leathers with high-tech soles. Color is key, if not on the shoe itself then on the soles or laces. The possibilities are limitless: finally, a fun footwear season!

Q: I’m seeing lots of color in men’s fashion magazines: is this just for the runway or are real guys wearing it?
Real guys are wearing it! Color has always been a factor in men’s sweaters, shirts and neckwear; only recently has it moved to bottoms. We suggest pairing bright color five-pocket pants with more neutral tops (knits, wovens, sportcoats). It’s a great look that’s surprisingly easy to pull off, once you take that first step.