Robert Graham: Eclectic Style



Anyone who’s ever thought that men’s fashion is boring can’t be familiar with Robert Graham apparel. Founded by award-winning designer Robert Stock 10 years ago, these exciting clothes are part of a total lifestyle concept, summed up by his trademarked mantra (Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth) that appears on every garment.

In addition to the fabulous fashion and spiritual components, Robert Graham sportswear offers up a hefty dose of fun! The company does more than 150 events a year, including the prestigious Concours d’Elegance antique car rally in Carmel, California. Their strong celebrity following includes athletes (Albert Pujols, Mariano Rivera), actors (Alec Baldwin, Owen Wilson), musicians (The Beach Boys, 50 Cent) celebrity chefs, wedding planners and more.

High-profile fans notwithstanding, Robert Graham’s real success secret is exceptional product. Ten years ago, they virtually invented the colorful contrast trim woven sport shirt that revolutionized men’s fashion. By juxtaposing patterns on collars, cuffs, and/or the actual body of the shirt, they created a whole new look for men’s casual dressing. Since then, the line has evolved to include tailored clothing, footwear, an extensive assortment of premium denim, and lots of whimsical accessories, from hats to socks.

Although he’s been through similar brand-building journeys several times in his career, Stock (who started out working with Ralph Lauren) couldn’t be happier about this one. “What’s different here is that Robert Graham is not just about clothes; it’s about making people happy. Our customers are collectors: some of them own literally hundreds of our shirts. At a recent personal appearance in a store, I lent the DJ one of our shirts in a size 2XL. After the appearance, he confided how many people told him how great he looked. (So of course I gave him the shirt!) And that’s what drives me: seeing that kind of reaction…”

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